Act of Benevolence X Zeedijk 60

Since 2019 I am Creative Director, Storyteller and Organizer at Act of Benevolence. A.O.B facilitates local projects in Palestine and Beirut by the profits of their garments the Zeedijk60. One of our biggest achievements is the collab with Vredesburo Eindhoven ‘RESISTANCE TAKES MANY FORMS’ and our publication ‘On a night out

‘Not Like This’ campaign (2020)

During one of the fashion workshops of YALLAH!CLUB, the children were asked to draw something that reminded of their homecountry. One of the children made a design that said: “Not Like This ” written in arabic. The ‘Not Like This’ T-shirt represent the misconceptions about Palestine, a country held under occupation by Israel. 

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To resist,
You need to exist.